Subject: Re: a model of competition between free and proprietary software
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 21 May 2001 10:03:58 -0700

Russell Nelson <> writes:

> Tom Hull writes:
>  > It is interesting how much F has been developed by people when they
>  > are not acting as entrepreneurs, capitalists, or [wage] workers.
> I need an example here.

Perhaps not the greatest example, but I wrote my UUCP package because
I wanted to do a free software project, I was using UUCP at the time,
and I wasn't happy with the only free UUCP package I could find (John
Gilmore's GNUUCP).  I certainly didn't expect to make money with it.
I did have a working (proprietary) UUCP program; it wasn't as flexible
as I wanted it to be, but I used it for over a year successfully
before writing my own program.