Subject: Lists for Newbies and Blankley's Challenge.
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 02:32:40 -0400

Hello, Adam Theo here;

it's me again. it's Thursday night, and i've gone ahead and set up two
mailing lists. there was some talk about setting up a newbies list, to
introduce the rest of the world to how open source and free software
can benefit them. and i also think mr blankley's challenge and idea is
great, but would benefit best if it was off the fsb list, since not
everyone here wants to discuss this (understandable, it can be
considered OT).

i know that there was some talk of wanting to get someone more known
in the OS/FS world to host the newbies list, but since no-one has
popped up right now, i've gone ahead and set it up under my domain,
just so it's there. if it's later decided that someone else should
host it, then i'll be happy to switch over to that one, and shut mine
down, but until such a time (*may*) comes, i'd like to have mine up
and running, to begin the task.

the first list i'm calling 'The Bazaar List', named after Eric
S. Raymond's essay "the cathedral and the bazaar". it is intended to
educate people familiar with the traditional 'proprietary' world of
software development about open source/free software and how it can
benefit them, no matter if they are an end user, businessman, or
software developer.
Website (recommended to visit, to find out more):
Email (to subscribe, just make sure your address is in the from:

the second list i'm calling 'The Cauldron List', also named after an
essay of ESR's "the magic cauldron", and is intended to take up what
i've called "blankley's challenge", which was a series of threads on
this list a little while ago, and hoped to find a way that I (and
other individual and small-scale developers) could profit off of
producing open source software.

both of these lists use 'qmail' and 'ezmlm/idx', which i've never used
before now (i'm used to mailman, personally), so might have some
problems. i've given them a quick test run just a few hours ago
worked, so hopefully nothing. my website, and the mailing lists, are
hosted with Superb Internet (, which is very
widely known for their reliability and high quality. i've been with
them for a few years, and never had a single complaint (well, except
that they don't do anything automated, so you can't simply sign up for
a new account or upgrade instantly. but that's because they do
everything person-to-person, so not really a complaint :-).

also, i just put my website up. as some may have found out, although
i've had it in my sig for a while, there's been nothing there. but as
of this morning it's up, although rough when it comes to grammar and
such, since i just flew the webpages together over the past few
days. if you find anything, i'd much appreciate it if you dropped me a
line ( and told me. i'll fix everything on monday,
when i get off work (i only work 3 days of the week, but am taken up
those entire 3 days...).

until i get back, feel free to go ahead and sign up for either of the
lists, and begin discussing. probably the first thing should be any
charter or 'boundaries' of the list, if anyone thinks that's

i might be able to read some email over the weekend, and might reply
to some, but most of everything i'll do will come starting monday.

oh, yes, those two perl programs that i first came to this list about
are there as well. nothing special yet, but coming along.
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