Subject: Re: Access denied: A copyright battle - Tech News -
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 13:10:38 -0300

[Tim O'Reilly wrote:]
> This is perhaps an important issue for fsb readers to think about.  Do
> we need a license for contributions to publically-created databases?

I'd be very interested in this issue.  Here's why:

1) I am creating a database.

2) We're still busy building it (database & backend) & have not gotten to 
packaging it for others to download yet.  It is built by ourselves & the 
community.  But it will be soon.

3) I'm very interested in having others use it and/or display it on their 
sites.  Like the dmoz model, I'd like people to be able to display the info 
freely, but drive traffic to the site so others will populate it.

4) I'm not sure I want others to be able to change the information. (I don't 
know why someone would do that, but that's another story.)  Perhaps filtering 
it. For instance only displaying the parts that may be relevant to them.

We go through pains to *not* display information that is incorrect & it would 
be a shame for an author's information to become "inaccurate".

5) We've taken the Terms of Service for our site by "sharing" the one at 
SourceForge which is the one for the enire OSDN.  It says we can do anything 
with the content, but that hardly secures that we will not cut it off to the 
world. That's just a safe assumption given the spirit of open-source, but it 
is assumption until that is in writing.
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