Subject: dumb GPL question
From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 21:29:12 +0200


A few dumb questions, just to make sure I am not making mistakes :

is it OK to link GPL code to preexisting non-GPL code (for example a
library) ?

else, how can one write GPL code in a non-GPL language ?
  (i.e. a language with no GPL implementation, especially of the
run-time library, even though it may be open-source)

How can one force users of free code to acknowledge the original
authors in a specific way ?
  - not possible with GPL
  - not with LGPL
  - but LGPL can be modified in this respect with no significant other effect
  - and of course any free-style open-source licence can do it.

All comments appreciated



PS to avoid spurious advice:
   This is not for myself ... I am trying to convince other people,
and some points are clearly not open for discussion, such as the fact
that they want clear acknowledgement in derived code.

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