Subject: Re: unsubscribe
From: Scott Michel <scottm@INTIME.INTIME.COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 93 10:31:04 PST

>> Please unsubscribe this guy - the mail bounced on his system.
>Why don't you send such requests to There
>has been far too many "subscribe me! unsubscribe me!" messages on the
>fsb mailing list, I think.
>And also, INTIME might have a temporary problem. You never had a
>glitch with the mailing system at your site?
>				/ceder

a) I shouldn't be unsubscribing other people.
b) If I sent an unsubscribe message to fsb-request, I'd probably end up
   unsubscribing myself.
c) I don't know the administrative address of this list, so I defaulted.