Subject: Publicly-built content.
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 19:56:02 -0300

How timely for me...and one of Tim O'Reilly's earlier topics for 

This is an elegant option for protecting publicly built content from being 
'closed' to the community that built it.  The formalized social contract: (not recent) (possibly published today) 

The unspoken social contract I've mentioned before with publically built 
databases (or open-source content development ) is that the 'openness' of the 
project is simply implied.

A formal social contract dictating use of contributed content to the database 
coupled with copylefting of the content itself is, as I've stated above, 

OSD will have a social contract tomorrow.  
I will also template one for general use.

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