Subject: fsb: Special issue of IEE Proceedings
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 12:12:06 +0100

 Fri, 8 Jun 2001 12:12:06 +0100
Sorry about the formatting. I don't know if any of you will submit but
given the topics I thought there would be interest in the issue itself.
Particularly given the recent discussion on OS software methods for
ensuring reliability.


Call for Papers: Special Issue of IEE Proceedings - Software "Open Source
Software Engineering"

Open Source Software (OSS) was initially catapulted into mainstream
awareness by the phenomenal growth of products like Linux, Apache, and Perl,
and by the highly visible support of companies like Netscape, IBM, Apple,
and SGI. Over the last two years there has likewise been a marked increase
in the academic and scientific investigation of the phenomenon. Despite its
growing profile, there remains a demonstrated need for rigorous analysis of
OSS, particularly of the methods and tools which characterise and support
the OSS development process.

Papers representing original, completed research into any aspect of Open
Source Software Engineering are solicited. Possible topics include, but are
not limited to, the following:

…	OSS Development Life-Cycles, Methods and Tools
…	Configuration Management in OSS
…	Requirements Engineering in OSS
…	Systems Analysis and Design in OSS
…	Evaluation and Testing in OSS
…	Maintenance and Evolution in OSS
…	OSS Software Architectures
…	Comparisons of OSS Development with Traditional Software Engineering
…	Applications of OSS Development Concepts within Traditional Software
…	Knowledge Management and Community Dynamics in OSS Development
…	OSS Development and Software Engineering Education

The Special Issue will be published in early 2002. The editors of the
special issue are:

…	Joseph Feller, Business Information Systems, University College
Cork, Ireland.
…	Brian Fitzgerald, Executive Systems Research Centre (ESRC),
University College Cork, Ireland.
…	AndrΘ van der Hoek, Department of Information and Computer
Science/Institute for Software Research, University of California Irvine.

Complete papers should be submitted in Word or PDF format by email to no later than July 31, 2001. This deadline is ABSOLUTE.

The email message should contain the title of paper, name(s) of all
author(s) with affiliation(s) and full postal and email address(es) of all

The paper should contain only the title of the paper and an abstract of not
more than 200 words.  The body of the paper should be 4000-6000 words. The
body should be divided into numbered headings and sub-headings, starting
with the introduction, and using decimal numbering for sub-headings (3.1,
3.2 etc.). It is generally preferable not to go beyond the second
classification in this system. Acknowledgments (if any) should appear at the
end of the paper, followed by the list of references numbered in order of