Subject: Re: Is the party over? was Re: MSIE "Smart Tags" -- what's the real deal?
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 17:51:03 -0400

 >>> I hear about things like Passport/Hailstorm and I can
self-righteously say that I'll never sign up for it, but will
I even have a choice?

yes, this is one of the things that i and many co-developers on Jabber 
(the open source instant messaging/communication system) are afriad of. 
not the desktop or browsers, really, but this 'distributed computing' 
(.Net) and 'universal identity' system. i consider MS's .net and 
hailstorm to be brilliant, and thank them for showing us the way the 
internet is going to be heading(i truely do think they are essentially 
great ideas at heart). but we all agree it should not be controlled by 
one or even a few organizations, and want to see an open source, 
standard system arise.

it is under this that a few of us are getting to gether to start 
brainstorming on how we can use Jabber to make the open source response 
to Passport/Hailstrom. by creating a open source universal identity 
system where a user just logs in once (to jabber) and can then 
automatoically sign up with services accross the internet. all using 
safety, security, privacy, and complete control on the user's part, not 
the service's or system.

if anyone here is experienced in xml or c, as well as perl or 
javascript, and interested in helping out such a project, contact me 
email: jabber: AIM: Adam Theo 
2000 icq: 3617306
we are working on making something tangible and usable before really 
promoting it, since there have been a few previous atempts that have 
been hyped and flopped.

 >>> AOL/Time-Warner will kneel before it's master
just to get that icon on WinXP. Netscape has
abandoned the browser. (At least we have the

this i doubt (the aol bowing). think in the future internet, there will 
be 3 major players: Microsoft (with MSN, .Net and Hailstorm, and vast 
software skills), AOL Time Warner (with the AOL user base and 
AOL/Netcenter portals, plus Time Warners vast content), and possibly in 
distant third, Disney (with some content, and i see some aquisitions on 
the horizon for it, poissibly buying yahoo! portal and some ISP).

 >>> The only company holding a carrot over M$ is Tivo
with their patents. I assume a purchase is inevitable.

yes, i have thought the same thing.