Subject: Re: MSIE "Smart Tags" -- what's the real deal?
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 06:47:34 -0400

yes, i agree with the "average joe home user" being done for with 
microsoft. i personally don't see what all the drive is to bring linux 
to the desktop of average joe users. linux just isn't meant to be there, 
as i see it. end users at home have entirely different needs from what 
linux provides. linux is a OS for power and reliability, meant and 
suited for servers and the business environment. the end user is done 
for. let microsoft have them, they are in fact better off with microsoft 
for now, i think. open source is not going to win any wars by fighting 
it out in that battlefield. let's save our ebnergy to the power behind 
the internet and businesses.