Subject: MSIE "Smart Tags" - - new tack
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 10:09:18 -0400

 Thu, 14 Jun 2001 10:09:18 -0400
Adam Theo wrote:
>> they are in fact better off with microsoft for now, i think.
Norbet Bollow
>Actully I'm pretty sure that they'd be in fact better off with
>GNU/Linux IF they'd take the time to learn how to use it
>properly. But they don't want to take this time.

I concur.  Also, I feel that Linux is starting to overtake Microsoft in
several areas, most notably, ease of installation.  However, the burden
is higher on Linux since:
1. end users have to install it, compared to a specialist at Dell
2. Linux must 'play nice' with existing OS

But back to Smart Tags.  So far the discussion has focused on whether they
represent content, presentation, etc.  Regardless
of our individual approval/disapproval they are coming.

However, this is a product in its infancy, and the challenge is to look
beyond the immediate here and now, and see how they will change in the future.

For instance:
1. Imagine an address smart tag, whose function is to provide a link to
mapping content for all physical.  Addresses are relatively easy to identify,
so the smart tag should be correspondingly easy to write.  The catch, is
that there are multiple corporations with map data.  MS has a product, there's
Mapquest, plus several others.  Will a user see 3 smart tags, or 1? How
much control will the user have over his ability to choose the smart tag
provider?  I can forsee a situation similar to browsers, where users are
continually asked whether they want to make "tag xyz your default "contenttype"
smart tag".

How will other participants in the market move to protect themselves and
continue to drive traffic through their sites.

2. Will users have to purchase proprietary smart tags?
Obvious potential here.

3. Will MS provide an IE plugin to all websites to provide new smart tags
for their page?  Essentially, how will users get new smart tags?


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