Subject: Re: MSIE "Smart Tags" -- what's the real deal?
From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 21:01:20 +0200

This has started a long thread (BTW outside the scope of this forum,
it seems to me)

would anyone care to give a reference to a precise descritpion of
smart tags.  I can more or less guess... but not with enough
  and it does not seem very new to me, at least as an idea.

and by the way, 
>  ... does it threaten FSBs?


On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 02:51:46PM -0000, Seth Gordon wrote:
> There's been a lot of noise on Slashdot et al. about the new "Smart
> Tags" in the version of Internet Explorer that comes with Windows XP.
> Inspired by Frank's analysis of Hailstorm, I want to ask: what is the
> *real* goal of this system, and how (if at all) does it threaten FSBs?
> Most of the people complaining about Smart Tags are focusing on how it
> subverts the relationship between a Web surfer and a Web author when
> they are working for separate organizations.  I don't think Microsoft
> really cares about this, though, because their real software revenue
> comes from institutional purchases, where one salesman can convince
> one CEO to buy hundreds of Windows or Office licenses at a time.
> So how do corporate customers (ostensibly) benefit from Smart Tags?
> And by providing them with that benefit, what competitors is Microsoft
> trying to block, or what other products and services is it trying to
> sell?
> Or is it just that three years ago, some Microsoft developer noticed
> Third Voice and other Web annotation services, said "this is so
> trivial to implement that if anyone's going to make money off of this,
> it might as well be us", and implemented Smart Tags over a long
> weekend?
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