Subject: Re: So what is an FSB anyway?
From: La Monte H Yarroll <piggy@HILBERT.MATHS.UTAS.EDU.AU>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 17:56:34 +1100

I (<> (La Monte Yarroll)) write:

>    If the price is very low, is that close enough to "free"?
[I cited KCL in my original posting.]

Brian Fox <> writes:
> No.  The problem here is not the price, it is the ability to
> redistribute the source.  Licensing agreements are a way of preventing
> redistribution, and that means the program is not free.

There is no real problem to distributing KCL source code--you can get
even get a license by email.  The entire ACKL package is just such an

Your assertion that "licensing agreements are a way of preventing
redistribution" is a little to pat.  In particular, you are ignoring
the fact that the GPL _is_ a license.