Subject: Releasing under OS, what License?
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 02:37:49 -0400

Hello, Adam Theo here;

well, i've been convinced that i should release all my software projects 
under OS. now my only question is what license? i have some requirements 
in mind, and have looked through the list at, and think 
i've settled on a couple, but i want to see what everyone else thinks, 
maybe i could get some ideas i hadn't thoguht of.

i do not like the 'forcing' natuire of the GPL. i can understand that 
the GPL was designed to try and 'maximize' FS, by 'encouraging' software 
that uses it to also become GPL, but i just don't like that aspect of 
it. it seems too grey area to me, as to what can safely use GPL'ed 
software, and what can't. although i would be on the 'good' side of the 
line, i still don't like trying to force that kind of thing on people.

i do not like the 'proprietary allowances' of the BSD and MIT styles. 
what i mean is that the software i release can be taken and used in 100% 
proprietary software, closed from that point on, as long, of course, as 
credits are given where due back to me. but that is moot. i want my code 
to stay OS, although not specifically GPL. make sense?

hm.. also, i'm open to other things. i understand IBM and a couple of 
others have gotten their licenses approved by the OSI, but i didn't 
really understand them from just reading the licenses. not well enough 
to say i know what they are about 100%, anyway. i'm opemn to neat little 
additions to the basic OS spiel...
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