Subject: Re: Releasing under OS, what License?
From: DJ Delorie <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 18:45:13 -0400

> well, i've been convinced that i should release all my software projects 
> under OS. now my only question is what license?

For DJGPP, my goal was to maximize the user base without allowing
unfair competition.  I chose the GPL, but added a clause that allowed
proprietary applications to use DJGPP's runtime - *if* they used the
officially released binary library, and *not* if they changed it (this
isn't quite what the LGPL says).

The GPL is the most effective OS license for preventing unfair
competition.  Others may use and/or improve upon your code, but as
soon as they distribute a copy, you can benefit from those
improvements also.

DJGPP's exception made a *big* difference for the majority of the
users, who are not interested in DJGPP's sources, but wanted a free
high-quality development platform for their own purposes.  Of course,
this argument only works for libraries ;-)

For an application, I would invariably choose the GPL, and add
exceptions for whatever GPL-incompatible libraries were required for
building it.  This assumes, of course, that none of the libraries are
GPL - else mixing those with GPL-incompatible libraries becomes