Subject: Re: ...authentication system on OS? (the pipes)
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 18:40:21 -0400

Hello, Adam Theo here;

on the difference between .net and passport/hailstorm: if i am not 
mistaken, mr ahmed is slightly incorrect. i could very well be wrong, 
but from what i know, .net *uses* authentication, but is not the 
authentication model itself. that is passport, mostly. is it possible 
for .net to use a different authentication system than passport? i'm not 
sure, but i think it is *technically* possible, if not likely to be 
done. so, the centralized server farm system that we are and should be 
so worried about is passport, not .net. please tell me if i am wrong.

on the 'piping' as mr kanga put it: i agree with him. to me, i don't 
care about the pipes, the .net framework. actually, i kind of like .net. 
it still needs a lot of work (which hopefully Ximian can help), but the 
basic idea i like. it is how the data will be used (and accessed, and 
security issues, and all that) that i don't like. in effect, i like 
.NET, but despise Passport.

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