Subject: Another example of a Free Software Business
Date: 13 Jul 2001 13:09:51 -0400

Just thought I'd mention that there's another Free Software Business
around: Mekinok, Inc.  Using the classic Cygnus model of providing
support and development for a suite of Free Software for which we
establish ourselves as ranking experts, Mekinok has developed the
"Boxed Penguin" Instant Infrastructure environment; you can look at for our contract offerings, or if
you just want to try it (the community support lists and archives are
there as well.)

We hope that the Boxed Penguin system will be useful to other startups
(that is one of our design goals: "develop the infrastructure we
wished we had the *last* three times...") and we are also looking to
integrate other free software into it (we've started with OpenAFS,
LDAP, Cyrus IMAP, Kerberos V5, Postfix, MailMan; it is of course based
on Debian, and we've folded a variety of improvements back into Debian

Note that since this is all free software, we have the advantage that
even if the company fails (which we of course are working hard to
avoid) the software lives on, which is especially important for
infrastructure.  This is especially helpful in convincing developers
that the work is worth the risk :-)

			_Mark_ <>
			Systems Engineering and Instant Infrastructure