Subject: Re: Open Source, Redistributing, Pricing
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 03:28:13 -0400

Dave Turner wrote:
> BTW, don't use the Artistic License, because it's unclear:

yes, the original AL is unclear. i've spent the last month or so reading
all the different AL variations, and trying to force myself to learn
other open source licenses. while the original is veryu weak, there is a
'update' which i like, and which is solid and strong everywhere the OAL
is not. it is Brad Kuhn's Artistic License, Version 2.0 at

i am working on an essay all about the AL family, and hope to finish it
when i have finished a couple of other projects i have going at my
website ( if anyone is interested, i'll be sure to
notify you of when i publish it. also, if you have anything you would
like to contribute or point me to, i'll be happy to include it, giving
full credit where due.