Subject: Re: Q: Can you build an authentication system on OS?
From: Jean Camp <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 11:06:21 +0100

At 10:21 pm -0700 7/9/01, Shiraz Kanga wrote:
>"Stephen J. Turnbull" wrote:
>  > As Seth points out:
>>  >>>>> "Seth" == Seth Gordon <> writes:
>>      Seth> [...] the confounding of browser-related with
>>      Seth> non-browser-related code in Windows was an essential
>>      Seth> component of Microsoft's business strategy.  Likewise,
>>      Seth> confounding Passport with the .NET components is an integral
>>      Seth> part of the .NET strategy.
>>  So we need to show that it is technically not necessary, and hammer on
>>  the fact that Microsoft's whole business model _has_ to be predicated
>>  on invasion of privacy (ie, using your personal data for the profit of
>>  Microsoft).  We need to insist on the difference between Land's End
>>  remembering your wife's shoe size, and Microsoft selling that data to
>>  Eddie Bauer so the latter can spam you.
>I do not think we can rely on spreading the word and hammering on the facts.
>"Outmarketing" MS this way will be pretty close to impossible. Since they have
>such a huge installed base and simply buying the OS will probably give you a
>passport account in the box - this is a slippery cliff
It depends on who you send it to. Certainly the break-up is off the 
table for now, but it is a rational choice and in line with 
communications policy. I think a friend of the court brief written by 
some of the people here would be respected. Or you could distribute 
it through IEEE-USA or US-ACM. It certainly could not hurt.

As you note, sending out factual data to the media is not very effective.