Subject: Re: software
Date: 26 Aug 2001 03:10:56 -0400

> so instead of making 100k a year, programmers will be forced to live 
> on welfare and beating their brains out over a few simple programs 
> that make life easier for all of us?

I'll just ask if you've read *any* of Stallman's writings on the
subject [or is timothy a known troll?]; he certainly thinks people can
still make money for being clever without doing so by hoarding.  After
all, he does himself...  and Cygnus *did* make money, lots and lots of
it... and ACT seems to as well, and neither of them involve welfare
(well, ACT has taken defense money, maybe that counts :-) or other
socialism.  Mekinok, likewise, is very much capitalist - by being a
free software company, we get *huge* amounts of leverage, both by
building on existing free software *and* by finding users willing to
contribute extensions back to us.  We're still the experts, the
architectural gurus, the fix-my-problem-this-instant people, and
that's valuable.  Without the free software angle, we wouldn't *have*
a viable market niche :-)