Subject: in search of angels
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 00:15:52 -0700 (PDT)

I have recently been working on a new FSB business plan.

I don't wish to reveal the technical details of the plan on this list
at this time.  I will say that it is a conceptually simple plan, that
execution of the plan is straightforward, but that getting the details
right is critical to success.  I'll also say that I have an unusually
good grasp of the principles necessary to get the details right.

Making modest assumptions about the target market and the difficulty
of implementing the business, I am forecasting a path to profitability 
in the 2-3 year range, with the possibility of an IPO at the end of
three years.  The start-up costs are not astronomic, but are well
outside the reach of most individuals.

Therefore, one way to implement this plan is seek out venture capital.
I have a plan involving two deterministic rounds of pre-IPO
investment, and a third optional round.  (The IPO will follow
profitability, in this case.)

To make a credible approach to VCs, it will be necessary to get the
business underway.  For that to happen, I need angel funding in the
100k-250k range.

Can anyone on this list recommend qualified and honorable angel
investors, competent to understand FSBs and the VC market, who it
would be appropriate to contact about this plan?  Please feel free to
answer off-list.

Thank you,
Tom Lord