Subject: Re: Lessig (was Re: As if the DMCA wasn't bad enough)
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 22:03:01 -0400

"Crist, Ma" wrote:
> I hope you folks won't reinvent the wheel and give serious consideration to using
XNS ( for this.

unfortunately, the DotGNU people really have to invent the wheel, since
XNS doesn't quite exist. no detailed enough specs, no open source
software code (they have code, but are keeping it proprietary), central
governance system (XNSORG is as deeply tied to XNS as MSFT is to .NET
and Passport), and overall some really bad ideas. from everything i've
read of them, they don't have a bgat's chance in helll of pulling their
system off the ground since their system relies on overhauling the
entire Web, DNS, and communications systems. i think the only tech they
leave alone is TCP/IP...

i know this because i spent a month closely investigating and
researching them. i've started a distributed authentication system for
the Jabber platform [], and looked into all the
techs i could find. i concluded XNS had nothing to offer.