Subject: Re: ok, FSBs created schwag; now bet the farm on something better
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 12:05:19 -0400 (EDT)

Elaine -HFB- Ashton writes:
 > Ian Lance Taylor [] quoth:
 > *>
 > *>But it won't bring in enough revenue to support itself.
 > *>
 > *>Why shouldn't the proper place for FSB research be where it has
 > *>historically been: in the academic community?
 > Universities are corporations these days with financial concerns of their
 > own.

They have *always* been corporations with financial concerns -- maybe
they're only realizing that now, but I doubt it.  But what are
universities selling?  Among other things, they rent their reputation.
How do they establish their reputation?  By marketing themselves, of
course.  What's the best way to do that?  Demonstrate that their
graduates are able to do the Next New Thing.  How?  By inventing the
Next New Thing.

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