Subject: Re: Recent Linux-based commercial systems
From: Magnus Redin <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 10:24:09 +0100


At Signum Support we have developed two linux based products. 

One Tcl/Tk based admin shell called readynet for Internet servers that
takes care of System, DNS, User, INN, Webserver and Modem
configuration. Unfortunately it and its 220 page manual is all in
Swedish as our customers were Swedish schools, smaller companies and
ISP:s. Its translation to English is postponed indefinately.

The newer frescher product is a Linux based firewall we call Fuego
Firewall with web based administration and its a completely contained
system. The regular user never sees a prompt and dosent need it for
configuration, getting logs, backing up the configuration or
upgrading. We even dont give them the root password unless they ask
for it. We get lots of positive feedback from customers on its ease of
use and low cost. Its still all in Swedish but this product is being
translated to English, mostly for the European markets right now. We
are also developing a VPN function.

One of our competitors on the swedish market is actually
watchguard. *waves to listreaders over there* The biggest hurdle for
getting more sales is making the customers aware that they need better
security. We mostly take sales from Firewall 1 and alike when people
want something that is easy to administrate and not as expensive. Some
customers have upgraded to our system when they got fed up with trying
to get the older one to work as they wish. I love such sales... :-)

And our webserver is unfortunately nearly all Swedish, we simply has
not had the time yet to fix that in a good way. There has been a lot
happening. We now got 16 full time employes roughly half working with
our products and half with mostly free software related consulting and
its growing well.


Free software - Ibland får man mer än vad man betalar för.
Magnus Redin