Subject: Re: ok, FSBs created schwag; now bet the farm on something better
From: Mark Eichin <>
Date: 20 Sep 2001 18:53:45 -0400

> university. Long ago, Richard Stallman, Kirk McKusick, Keith Bostick, 
> Jordan Hubbard,  and many others worked in universities. Not anymore. 
> Linus Torvalds was never more than an undergraduate. Yet, the 

Stallman is *still* using MIT resources (but his academic background
is from Harvard), and Torvalds was an undergraduate for a long time --
during a recession, it's easier to stay in school and hack (in
Scandinavian countries - a somewhat important cultural difference.)
I'll grant your point that these don't come out of funded university
research programs - but you may want to tune your examples a bit more
carefully :-)