Subject: Re: Objective IT review of Redhat
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:19:23 +0900

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Lord <> writes:

    Tom> Really, a little imagination,

Unfortunately, we don't _have_ intuition for the desktop.  Why should
we?  We don't use desktops or the important apps on them!

    Tom> armed with good technological prejudices and backed up with
    Tom> money, can do a lot of good.  That's something we should have
    Tom> been doing for the past 5 years, at least.

    Tom> Let's go.

    Tom> Now.

Count me out, and my money, too.  I wouldn't be good at it.  And I'm
not willing to bet my money, when the whole point of putting money
into it is to attract people who aren't particularly interested in the
problem for itself to work on it.  _They_ won't be good at it, either.

This is a task that requires people who are both very good at and
interested in what they are doing.  We don't have many of those at
all, for the desktop.  I just don't see how you intend to get past
that obstacle.  Throwing money at it is unlikely to help IMO.

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