Subject: Re: the .NET battle ends
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 21 Sep 2001 13:09:46 -0700

Tom Lord <> writes:

> I doubt MS ever intended Passport to happen as first specified.  I
> think they drew a lot of our friends around here into the wrong fight,
> purposely "lost" that fight, and embarrassed a lot of industry leaders
> away from a more considered opposition.  Auth technology was a hot
> button issue for some folks.  MS pushed that button on purpose.

I don't think Microsoft is quite that devious and cunning.  It's
simply that Microsoft is perfectly willing to take public fliers on
different positions and see what happens.  They ran the first version
of Passport up the flagpole, ran into some contrary wind, and now
they're running up another flag.

The Microsoft folks never commit themselves to any particular
strategy.  They shift course as necessary.  Their overall course at
the moment is clearly to cut their dependency on the Windows revenue
stream by finding another revenue stream they can jump on to.  If .NET
does the job, they'll be in a position to free up Windows and thus
wipe out the antitrust case.