Subject: Re: Linux mass desktop rollouts?
From: Mark Eichin <>
Date: 28 Sep 2001 03:04:22 -0400

Sure, provides an "instant infrastructure" product called
"boxed penguin" - use FAI to do a quick debian install, and then
install task-boxedp-client (and task-boxedp-server on a local server)
and you've got a Debian Linux box with single-signon - OpenAFS,
OpenLDAP, mailman, IMAP, Kerberos...  Our goal was to produce an
MIT-Athena-like environment that scaled *down* as well as up, so we
make some simplifications (for example we don't have a full scale
central database-driven resource management system yet.)

AFS can be deployed in modes that get you offsite redundancy of
various degrees (we can design layouts for particular needs, or the
customer can learn about AFS themselves from the experience of the big
players in the field.)

And of course, it's all Free Software, which gets you resiliency
against other kinds of failure, though community support, open
auditing, and the ability to get competitive bids. -- our business site. -- the "community" site with mailing lists.

We'd love to work with someone local to NYC who has connections; we're
currently primarily Boston based, but could either do some large site
visits or work through someone else local.  Contact info on the web

			_Mark_ <>
			Systems Engineering and Instant Infrastructure