Subject: GiftNet, distributed credit card processing
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2001 23:53:48 -0400

Hello, all.

I would like to announce an idea I have been working on for the past 
month, and am finally releasing, 'GiftNet'. I would also like any 
feedback you could give. Thoughts, comments, questions are all helpful.

GiftNet is the first product of my Cauldron Initiative, which aims to 
develop methods for creators of open source and free software to fairly 
profit from their work. GiftNet specifically tackles the voluntary 
'donations' angle, making it very easy and safe to give monetary 'gifts' 
to the developers of specific open source projects.

 From the GiftNet website < >:

"Many open source developers work very hard on their software projects, 
and usually end up giving their work away, due to the nature of open 
source. I firmly believe that because they are social-minded and 
generous is not a reason they shouldn't be fairly compensated for their 
work. Forcing fees for buying or using the software is against the 
principle of open source, so a voluntary solution has to be found. 
Namely, giving. However, existing systems are insufficient, as they 
place all burden of promotion and soliciting upon the already 
resource-strapped programmer."

"The GiftNet Project is a framework that will benefit individual authors 
and inventors who give their creative works to the public by helping the 
public give back to them. Such a project must be flexible, 
member-oriented, low-cost, and of course secure, and rely on and target 
the wealth-lucrative corporate world instead of the cash-strapped 'end 
user' market for these gifts. In GiftNet, corporations, celebrities, and 
other websites solicit monetary gifts from other individuals and 
businesses that use open source software on behalf of the programmers."

Details are at the website < >. I hope 
  this is an interesting project to everyone, and I appreciate any 
feedback before I advance to working out legal and technical details.

Thank you for your time.

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