Subject: Re: GiftNet, distributed credit card processing
From: "Giles" <>
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 10:28:37 -0700

Seth Gordon wrote:

> The hidden assumption behind the GiftNet proposal is that many people
> don't give money to support open-source programs because *it's too
> hard for them to do it*.  I don't think this is a significant reason.
> The most significant reason, I think, that many people don't give
> money to popular open-source products is that *they can get away with
> it*.

I think the barrier for entry for companies is much higher.  An 
institution that can help accept PO's or work within the corporate 
financial controls would be a big help.  For individuals PayPal would 
work fine, but at least at the companies I've worked for they would 
prohibit or at least discourage this kind of transaction.  Credit cards 
are seeping into the corporate pay options, but they are not the norm.

Especially difficult seems to be the 1-20K "donation" range.  Generally 
its to large for a credit card transaction and too small in other 
senses.  Ie, likely its not a full project for a company so it maybe 
difficult to get the time/signatures required to make it happen.  But to 
an open source project this level of donations can be greatly appreciated.
Alan Hudson	
President: Yumetech, Inc.            
Web3D Open Source Chair