Subject: Re: Studies
From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 18:54:21 +0100 (MET)

Hi Phil,

  I am glad, I finally elicited a reply from you. Now I know the
right channel is not writing to LJ (just joking, I know you must be
busy). I actually wrote to you recently to ask you to put
the "Linux Means Business" column on the web, so that it serves as
a ressource for promoting Linux.
  Actually, I started collecting as many of these articles as I could
get to make them available on my own site (with LJ permission).
But there a re some the authors no longer have (the one from MYDATA)
though I got permission from the author to post it.
  [BTW Netpod seems no longer to exist, 2 month after publication]

  For some of the papers (LECTRA and Garden Grove) I even have a French
translation. I also have references for uses that were not in LJ.
    see for all I have

>> contact our webmaster and either tell her ...
 yes but on what page is her e-mail ??


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