Subject: Re: "I've got more programmers than you"
From: Peter Wayner <>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 13:16:03 -0400

>David Fetter already made your point for you.  PostgreSQL is right
>here and now an excellent RDBMS.  Calling it "viable" would be an
>What it is not is Oracle's competition.

Actually I kind of disagree with this statement. Not altogether, but 
in a matter of degree. There are many projects at Oracle shops that 
don't need super guarantees about accuracy. A price of close to zero 
allows many people in the development shops to experiment on these 
tools if their manager is constraining their budget. This has to 
exert some pull on the prices Oracle can command.

Also, many of the free tools are quite stable. I realize that people 
feel better when they pay for something, but I don't see the argument 
that paying for a database can increase its stability. Yes, I 
understand that this money pays for cubicle farms filled with 
testers, but I don't think this guarantees success. MS has acres of 
programmers and testers yet Linux is still more stable.

I think open source databases can be more reliable than proprietary 
ones. The users are often DBAs who are capable of programming, 
debugging, and locating errors. These users produce the best open 
source code. That's why open source compilers, operating systems and 
tools are so great while productivity tools like power point lag. It 
really helps to have skilled programmers in your user base if you're 
running under open source rules.