Subject: Re: Studies
From: Bob Weiner <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:29:02 -0800

>>>>> "JG" == John Gilmore <> writes:

   >> The source code is available
   >> on the net but one has to pay if it is used in a commercial environment.
   >> Thus, both the vendor and the user enjoy relatively balanced benefits.

   JG> You're welcome to build proprietary software, but please stop trying
   JG> to use this list to convince the rest of us to follow you.  It exists
   JG> for other kinds of communication.

Dear John:

If you re-read my messages, I think you'll see that I was discussing issues
that we have found in promoting the sale and service of free software to
large site customers.  I then suggested another model that I personally
think would be better.

The model I suggested is far from what is typically called proprietary
software since the source code would be available for inspection by everyone.
If you count the number of proprietary vendors in any region, I'm sure you'll
see that only the tiniest of percentages, if any at all, sell their software
with this model.

Let me state categorically that I am not trying to get anyone on this list to
change their minds or their behaviors with regard to free software.  I was,
however, hoping to engage people in dialogue, some of which seems to have a
occurred though little of it has yet to address the specific issues that I
brought up (problems in scaling FSBs and the need to get customers to pay
large fees up-front).  I feel confident those are appropriate topics for this