Subject: Re: Studies
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 27 Nov 1997 04:20:52 -0000

Bernard Lang writes:
 > Having the source code available for inspection is exactly the model
 > used by Troll for Qt. I would never use their software (unlike KDE)
 > because it is not allowed to modify it. So if they cease to maintain
 > the free version, all their free users are stuck.

I believe that Bob is describing exactly L. Peter Deutsch's innovation
-- his FPL, Free Public License.  This license says that you are free
to modify and distribute FPL'ed code unless it is part of a commercial
transaction, the only exceptions being CD-ROM sales consisting solely
of freely copyable software, and BBS and FTP distributions.

The more I work with freed software, the more respect I have for his
creation.  It's *hard* to come up with a funding model for freely
copyable software.  In terms of funding models, there is little
difference between public domain, BSD license, and GPL licensed
software.  For some kinds of software, the FPL gives an investor
reason to plunk down advance money with a possibility of earning 2-3
times that money back.

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