Subject: Re: UnixTeX business going under
From: Jonathan Ryshpan <jon@HALSP.HITACHI.COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 10:54:45 PST

>The note about UnixTex has particular resonance for me, since I just
>finished collecting tax information for my first year as a testing
>consultant and freeware provider.  My free software is GCT, a test
>coverage tool for C.  
> ...
>- From a strictly business point of view, I'm too helpful in dealing
>  with out-of-the-blue questions and bug reports.  I could probably
>  earn more money by only responding to "registered users", but I'm not
>  comfortable with that.  And it wouldn't be much more money.

I think you should be *very* comfortable about not answering out-of-the-
blue questions.  If customers want your time, they should be prepared to
pay for it.  Your programs should have a header explaining this and
telling prospective customers how to get support.  An arrangement with a
Amex and/or MasterCard will make it possible to set up accounts fast.

I think you should take bug reports for free, since they improve the
program, but only *machine readable* ones either on floppy or by email,
and you only need to handle the ones that *you* think are important.

Another possibility would be to set up a mailing list for support and
restrict direct subscription to paying customers, possibly by something
like a 60 day copyright.  I don't think you can do this over the
Internet, so you will have to set up direct communications with the
subscribers, by either uucp or a bulletin board.

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