Subject: Re: Studies
From: (Adam J. Richter)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 97 21:21 PST

        We and, I think, every other Linux distribution maker, recognize
the non-GPL'ed versions of Aladdin Ghostscript as proprietary software
with a promotional distribution policy, just like KDE, the AT&T UNIX(tm)
academic licenses, and the Windows NT source licenses that Microsoft
talks about making available to non-commercial institutions.  Everyone
ships the GPL'ed version of Ghostscript, in spite of the fact the
the Alladin "Free Public License" allows us to ship the Alladin version
without royalty.

        The ability to modify, use and redistribute the software, all for
profit if desired, all without any need to get permission from the author
are essentially rights that have enabled GNU/Linux to become the future
of Unix, and which I believe will turn the GNU operating system family
into the principal alternative to the Microsoft operating system family.
This is the unique power of free software.

        Now, I am not pretending that any of the Linux vendors are making
huge amounts of money right now, but I am saying that the effects on
the rest of the world and the upside potential of free software is
enormous, and it is only software that is free in the GNU sense which
has has these dynamics.

	By the way, I also think that this mailing list is for discussions
of these free software dynamics.  If you think more restricted software
shares these dynamics, I think that sort of discussion should be within
the scope of this list, if you just want to talk about how its more profitable
in the short term to sell proprietary software with promotional copyrights,
that should be outside the scope of this list.

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