Subject: Re: open-source news project
From: (Jonathan Corbet)
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 15:42:11 -0600

> I just built this: (yes, playing on k5) hoping to 
> recruit some volunteers to submit items that are of interest to their o.s. 
> interests.  FSB & L-D are likely the most interested parites.  
> Yes, people can & could submit /. articles, *but* it's also, and mostly, for 
> the o.s. news that would never make /. headlines.  Stuff like: Interesting 
> discussions on (these two lists), Debian Weekly News, conference 
> announcements, interesting blog news, exclusive on-line articles...

Of course, there are already a few sites that do that...I'm curious about
what's missing in the current Linux / free software news sites that calls
for a new one?

I have, of course, a definite self interest in the answer to that question
:) At least, for a little while longer; I can tell you that the economics
of news sites as FSBs are difficult, to say the least...


Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor,