Subject: Re: open-source news project
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 03:59:52 -0300

On Friday 05 October 2001 18:42, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> > I just built this: (yes, playing on k5) hoping to
> > recruit some volunteers to submit items that are of interest to their
> > o.s. interests.  FSB & L-D are likely the most interested parites.
> >
> > Yes, people can & could submit /. articles, *but* it's also, and mostly,
> > for the o.s. news that would never make /. headlines.  Stuff like:
> > Interesting discussions on (these two lists), Debian Weekly News,
> > conference announcements, interesting blog news, exclusive on-line
> > articles...
> Of course, there are already a few sites that do that...I'm curious about
> what's missing in the current Linux / free software news sites that calls
> for a new one?
> I have, of course, a definite self interest in the answer to that question
> :) At least, for a little while longer; I can tell you that the economics
> of news sites as FSBs are difficult, to say the least...
> jon
> Jonathan Corbet
> Executive editor,

I love LWN Jon.  I find 'open-source' focused sites few and far between.  
Those that do exist are perhaps laced with content I would define as 'other'. 
Where other sites may have 10-20 stories a day I may have 3-5??

*I am very much interested in sending folk to those sites where the 
news/article actually is.  For instance, the articles I posted today (I got 
impatient) clearly mark where the original story is in the subject line & the 
story itself *is not* cut 'n' pasted into this site.

If there is no need it will die.  And rightly so.  If there is, it will 
thrive or at least serve a few.
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