Subject: Re: open source process issue
From: Mark Eichin <>
Date: 08 Oct 2001 11:52:54 -0400

> I used to think this

You mean the "getting away with it" part?  I'd certainly agree that
such code doesn't have a long life (though I recently dug up some 10
year old perl code of mine [may have been perl *3* code, can't quite
tell :-)] that someone wanted for a project... and it was just barely
useful enough; then again, it was an implementation of a NIST spec, so
the design and documentation were inherent, which certainly

I certainly wouldn't *recommend* the free-for-all approach; it also
helps (with junior programmers and students) to remind them that they
don't want to be *stuck* with the code forever, so they have to be
able to communicate with other people.  (I also agree that it takes a
certain amount of "road rash" [namely, being on the *other* side of
poorly documented code] to recognize what counts as communication :-)