Subject: Re:'s focus tweaked: "pre-news"
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 05:19:13 -0400

Steve Mallett wrote

> After some *very* helpful comments from you guys I've been able to better 
> focus the o5 site.  While, I think, it's still useful to note important news, 
> what is really helpful is tracking the important conversations and 
> discussions that are taking place within the subsets of our community so we 
> can get the *whole picture* of what's going on.  I dubbed it as 'pre-news'.
> And that was the bulk of the comments:  News is done, but pointing out good 
> o.s. conversations and interesting subject matter is not.  

that is a *very* good re-focus. yes, we really need this sort of thing. 
great work, mr mallett!

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