Subject: Re: shooting holes in the sky
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 15:01:48 -0300

There is a discussion along these lines taking place on k5:

"HOWTO: Make Kuro5hin (and other discussion based weblogs) some money"

The basic idea of the thread, I think, is to take the free stuff, add value & 
sell that.  Nothing new, really.

> I hope that's not the lesson Tom was talking about -- rather, that
> people are willing to pay for something that is free.
> Unfortunately, we already have proof that people are willing to pay
> for something that is available for free.  They buy for-pay operating
> systems instead of free ones.

Perception is reality.  People perceive more value from something that costs 
money than something that has no price-tag.  For instance a television show 
that illustrates the point here is called Antique Road Show.  People bring 
pieces of junk to an antique dealer, he valuates them, then they love the 
junk.  Its still junk, but now it has a price-tag! 
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