Subject: Re: shooting holes in the sky
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 09 Oct 2001 10:06:12 -0700

Tom Lord <> writes:

> I get the cold sholder from various FSB execs and VCs when I propose
> business (or business unit) plans selected from the design space
> described below.  Would someone, perhaps, like to hire me and we can
> explore this particular space together?

Why don't you do it yourself?  Why do you want somebody to hire you?

There are thousands of free web sites out there.  There are thousands
of web sites which tried to charge money, but nobody paid.  There are
relatively few which tried to charge money, and enough people paid to
cover expenses.  Only a few of the latter were not already brand

If you expect anybody to take you seriously on this plan, start doing
it yourself, on your own nickel.  First get some paying customers, and
show that they will stick around for six months.  Then maybe you can
get some investment money.  But by then maybe you won't need it.

Note that your little spiel didn't answer the first two questions VCs
ask.  What are the barriers to entry?  What is your exit strategy?

If there are no barriers to entry, it's not interesting to a VC.
After you show the path, somebody else will do it cheaper and steal
your market.  If your exit strategy doesn't return at least 10 times
the initial investment, it's not interesting to a VC.  That's not the
business they're in.  100% ROI?  That's not nearly enough.

To me, your plan looks high risk, low return, and it looks like you
don't have the nerve to do it yourself.  You expect investors to take
a risk with their money, but what are you risking?  I'm not surprised
that nobody is replying to your message.