Subject: Re: A New Technology License, version 0.0
From: Zimran Ahmed <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 14:26:13 -0700 (PDT)

--- Norbert Bollow <> wrote:

> Yes, but then others cannot re-use the now-freed
> code in new
> ransom code.

while I appreciate where your thinking is coming from,
i would encourage you to look at this from more of a
business/economic perspective.

the ransom model takes care of the first copy costs.
You don't care that the software is available at its
marginal cost (zero) because you've recovered the
development expenses you incurred. This is compatible
with the GPL.

If anyone wants to re-use the now-freed code in new
ransom code they do exactly the same thing. They set
up their ransom (and develop the code either before or
after making their ransom) and then release it under
the GPL again once the ransom is met (with nice CD
copies being mailed directly to those who paid the
ransom. Yes, it will also be available for free at the
same time, but this is the same situation as before --
there's a distribution of willingness to pay).

Remember, the GPL impacts how you distribute the code,
not what you do with it if you don't distrubute it.
You're free to make whatever changes you want and then
hold the distribution up to ransom. If you don't make
your ransom, you don't have to distribute (or develop,
if you haven't done that yet). Or you can decide to
distribute anyway.

I don't see why you need another license. This model
works under any OS license, including the GPL.


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