Subject: please excuse my rudeness. how do i get my email address taken off the mailing list?
From: Brock <>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 21:53:59 -0500


i don't seem to have recorded anywhere the method of removal from this mailing
list. i am now wanting to have my email address removed from the mailing list
address list.

this email list is very informative. i just don't have the interest or time to
keep up lately, and also unread emails build up over long spans of time, when i
am away from the civilized world for extended periods, which i have been doing
lately quite a bit, and overflow the storage space i have available on my pop3
email server account.

i'm sure there is a mailing list bot command to have my email address erased
from the mailing list, but it escapes me.

thank you.

auf wiedersehen (german)...
tot ziens (dutch)...
soraidh (scottish gaelic)...
slane ayd (irish gaelic)...
chi pisa la chi ni (choctaw)...
chi pisa la chi ke (muskogee)...
see you later (english)...

sayounara (japanese)...


10/12/2001 @ 9:50pm cst
friday, evening

robert brock lynn
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