Subject: Re: Ransom (long) (was: Mandatory donations...)
From: Adam Theo <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 03:32:27 -0400

Kevin A. Burton wrote:
>>Until someone says: "hey, can I get the source code to your package?" and you
>>say "no, not until the ransom is met".   Then you have violated the GPL:

Jonathan Magid wrote:
> I was thinking the same thing- this is a definite GPL violation. I was
> thinking of the part of the GPL that says:
> "You may not impose any further restrictions on the recipients' exercise
> of the rights granted herein."
> That would seem to include, the considerations that the Ransom License
> would add.

I think this issue has just been resolved. It was realixed that the GPL 
only can place those restrictions once the code has actually been 
released, or "shared", with another party. As long as the code remains 
"internal", a Ransom can still be placed on the modified code, and only 
finally released to *anyone* once the full Ransom has been met. *Then* 
the releasing (and GPL restrictions) can begin. But by that time, 
everything is GPL anyway, so the restrictions don't matter. Got it?   :-)

Jonathan Magid wrote:
> And I was set to post my thoughts- but then I considered this: if the
> derived version of the ransomed package that you wish to ransom, was based only
> on the originally ransomed code, and the Ransom License allows derivative
> works to be made and released, only after the original Ransomed code's
> period of ransom was over then I think it would be okay. The modifications
> and the additional restrictions added by the Ransom would be permitted by
> the original license. The next author could only start with the original,
> pre-GPL release. Every release made after that (or modified by a third
> party) would have to follow the terms of the GPL and be entirely libre.

Hmm... I don't think I understand this, sorry. Could you explain in a
step-by-step layout? Thanks :-)

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