Subject: Re: ransom
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 13:43:08 -0700 (PDT)

	Tom> Isn't holding code for ransom kind of obnoxious?

	Tom> Why should individual developers have to stoop to such levels
	Tom> just to get paid?

This is generating some strange replies, so I'll clarify.

I meant: "Isn't it obnoxious _to_developers_ if, in order to get paid,
they have to restrict their code sharing to terms which support

In addition to being of benefit to the general software-consuming
public, the GPL is very convenient for developers -- it enables "open
source processes" characterized by very loosely coordinated, extremely
efficient cooperation.

Even if we find a way to share pre-Free ransom code among developers,
now the decision to re-use that code is complicated by having to keep
track of the state of each component in the "ransom pipeline".

In a pure GPL world, I can always just use whichever piece of code is
best for the job.  In a ransom world, sometimes I'll want to duplicate
some existing effort just to achieve a different ransom state for that

Any business model that involves paying people to do their job in 
ways that are necessarily worse than what they're capable of is, at
least, suboptimal.