Subject: Re: Mandatory donations or build from CVS...
From: Seth Gordon <>
Date: 16 Oct 2001 13:51:55 -0000

   >    > "No."  Salon doesn't owe me anything, and I don't owe them anything.
   >    you asked the wrong question.  Is it worth supporting
   >    diversity and multiplicity of information sources on the
   >    internet, or is it acceptable to let them die one by one,
   >    until what is left is
   >    - by subscription anyway
   >    - the lowest quality, because that is what will interest a
   >      larger public
   > Salon is not a charity.  Salon is a corporation that received
   > heaps of money from investors who expected a share of the
   > corporation's profits.  They invested unwisely.  I have no
   > interest in helping bail them out.

   where did I talk of charity ? ... I am only motivated by self-interest

All I mean is that my self-interest is not (in my judgement) served by
giving money to Salon.  Seen as a fee for services rendered, the
service of receiving Salon's prose is not worth the amount they're
asking for.  Seen as a donation to improve the diversity of
information available over the Net, I don't consider a for-profit
corporation worthy of such donations.

"You have zero privacy anyway.  Get over it."  --Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun
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