Subject: impolitic statements (business model clues for the clueless)
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 02:02:39 -0700 (PDT)

Putting on my "disciple of Bell Labs and CSRG" hat in order to return
from the netherworld of economic abstractions:

I think Freshmeat is pretty damn handy.  Far from perfect, but pretty
handy.  I look there first whenever I need a development tool.  "Good
job" to the Freshmeat crew.  If you maintain an open source package,
please remember to keep your Freshmeat listing up to date.

RPM is kind of perverse -- the right idea but, from my "old school"
unix perspective, executed rather poorly.  From that perspective, RH
looks like a bunch of amateurs, ruling over a few experts who are
visibly chomping at the bit.  Many useful things coming from an
"@redhat" address are conspicuously labled "this is volunteer labor".
Some places to start: RPM doesn't work on my BSD-derived box; and it
seems to be optimized for binary, rather than source distributions.
What the hell?

I don't understand why OSDN and RH don't get together and give us a 
web service I'd really want to use.  I might even pay for it, if I had
any money.

Sourceforge -- now there's a whole mess of "features" I could do
without.  Ditto to the mailing lists.