Subject: Re: impolitic statements (business model clues for the clueless)
From: "tony stanco" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 18:05:18 -0400

SourceForge is one of the best assets in the community. I was at a
government conference today discussing projects for government-wide document
and database management attended by about 100 IT agency heads, and
SourceForge was cited by the Microsoft representative during his

SF is a tool for useful communication and coordination -- the essence of a
well functioning community.


>> I've never understood why sourceforge would be useful in-enterprise,
>You're thinking like a developer, not a VP of engineering.  Also, you're
>probably thinking == SourceForge Enterprise Edition,
>which is not true (SFEE is a superset of  Think like a manager
>with thousands of people scattered worldwide developing hundreds of
>software applications using dozens of different development
>environments.  How do you manage those people?  SourceForge Enterprise
>Edition (SFEE) is not about bug tracking, source control, and other
>developer tools.  It's about management visibility into the software
>development projects across the company.  It's about enabling
>collaboration among developers that are today isolated from each other
>within IDE silos.  Today it's a challenge for senior management of a
>typical large company to even list all of the software development
>projects going on in the company, much less track the status and
>resources assigned to each project.  Even the developers don't know what
>all of the peers are doing.  Ever worked in a large software development
>organization and wonder what the heck those guys in the next building do
>(other than post messages to USENET :-))?  SFEE addresses those and
>similar pain points.
>If you're part of a large software development organization, and you
>really don't know what part of the organization does, you have no easy
>way to find out what they do, you have no easy way to look at the source
>code they generate, you have no easy way to find out their skills, and
>you have no easy way to look at the status of the projects they are
>working on, send me an email and I'll have a SourceForge sales rep call