Subject: Re: UnixTeX business going under
From: jeffrey@CYGNUS.COM (Jeffrey Osier)
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 93 13:51:04 PST

    I think you should take bug reports for free, since they improve the
    program, but only *machine readable* ones either on floppy or by email,
    and you only need to handle the ones that *you* think are important.

    Another possibility would be to set up a mailing list for support and
    restrict direct subscription to paying customers, possibly by something
    like a 60 day copyright.  I don't think you can do this over the
    Internet, so you will have to set up direct communications with the
    subscribers, by either uucp or a bulletin board.

Another way to do this would be to use a new utility called PRMS,
which will be available to the net within the next two weeks.  This is
the bug-tracking system we use at Cygnus, and it seems to work quite
well.  It's entirely email-based; each bug that comes in is assigned a
number, and the submitter is automatically replied to.  Since the
submitter, the category of the bug, and a lot of other pertinent data
are tracked and indexed, this system makes it quite easy to sort out
the "customer" bugs from the "net" bugs (non-customers use a
submitter-id of "net" when submitting).  This takes the meat of the
issue off the internet and keeps it out of bulletin-boards as well.
There will be an announcement soon on gnu.announce soon.

Jeffrey Osier
Cygnus Support
"All my opinions are copylefted.  Use them at your own will, but fix
any bugs you may find on the way."