Subject: Re: Studies
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: 1 Dec 1997 04:32:15 -0000

Adam J. Richter writes:
 > >Adam J. Richter writes:
 > > > (When I say "free software", I mean "free
 > > > software" in the GNU sense unless otherwise noted.)
 > >Use of the terms ``freed'' or ``libre'' will avoid the need for
 > >personal definitions of the f*** word.
 > OK.  As long as we're clear that AFPL'ed software is not libre.

The only "true" libre software is public domain software.  Any use of
copyright imposes restrictions which impinge on freedom.  Yes, I'm
aware of arguments which point out that the right to enslave ones'
self is a freedom that reduces freedom, and that you can extend that
concept to software.

Perhaps, instead of saying "free software", we could say "public
domain software", or "GPLed software", or "BSDed software".  The word
``free'', even when accompanied by a personal definition, has far too
many meanings to be useful language.

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